This is a Terrible (but fast) Website!

Welcome to the Worst Site Ever!

Odd title, right?

Very intentional. We’ve created this site with the worst of the worst plugins – the biggest resource hogs, the most complicated code, you name it! – to show you how incredibly fast this new platform is.

Imagine how a site with fewer plugins would run!

To avoid any hurt feelings, we’re not sharing which plugins are active (although some will be fairly obvious by their own features,) but we really set up code spaghetti:

  • 6 “related posts” plugins (we apologize for the external unrelated posts at the bottom of the screen – those are outside our control with one of the truly bad plugins.)
  • 5 different SEO plugins
  • Several statistics tracking plugins
  • One of the most resource-intensive social sharing plugins
  • Several “security” plugins
  • NO caching plugins! All content is dynamically-generated on the fly

The other posts will be “lorem ipsum” posts, so allllll of the “related posts” plugins we’ve installed will match every single post – that normally slows sites down a ton… but not here! These plugins are so bad, they’re conflicting with each other, and are causing all kinds of shenanigans behind the scenes – wp-cron.php is doing some ridiculous stuff, too … and the server doesn’t even blink.

This is our speed test before we added plugins:!/ejJyZN/

— 574 milliseconds (0.547seconds)

And here it is after we really ramped things up by several orders of magnitude:!/cQ6iAW/

—  1.10 seconds

We also ran some benchmark tests to see how many requests this godforsaken site would handle at once and over time. You can see the analysis of 1000 clients hitting the site in the span of 1 minute here:

Pushing even further, we hit it with everything we could throw at it: Using a command-line benchmarking tool, we filled up the maximum number of connections over a 30-minute time period (50,000 hits were made in that time frame, which works out to be 1,667 hits per minute) and periodically tested the site with Pingdom to see how a really heavily-loaded server would respond. As it turns out… really flippin’ well!!/ty65H/

— 2.47 seconds (with a server load of 14 on an 8-core/8GB RAM server – that’s almost twice what the load should be, and almost five times higher than the normal load level.)

If you’re interested in the real nitty-gritty – probably only of interest to the nerds amongst us:


We’ll leave this site up for awhile for customers to play around with, but we’ll eventually take it down and save some screenshots for our main blog.

Here are the features of the product:

  • Incredibly fast, reliable WordPress hosting for one domain with unique content – unlimited parks/aliases.
  • Free SSL’s for all domains and subdomains
  • Servers optimized for speed – Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, and more
  • Always has the latest version of PHP available, and we can change that for you if need be (allows PHP versions 5.4 – 7.1 currently.)
  • You may specify whether you want the server created in New York or San Francisco.

PLEASE NOTE! There is no automatic suspension for bandwidth overages on this package. However, you will be charged for bandwidth in excess of your allocation at a very reasonable rate of $0.05 per GB over the allocation. Your monthly allotment is 100GB.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a cPanel service, and does not come with any email accounts or other cPanel features.

Also, this product must be manually set up by BCH support, so if you order during non-support hours, there will be a delay until morning.

Thanks for checking it out! If you’d like to sign up for the new product, or if you have questions, we’d love to hear from you – please send in a support ticket to support -at – and we’ll be happy to help.